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Impact Moling

Professional Impact Moling Services In New Romney

Impact moling is a trenchless technology that minimises disruption during pipe or duct installations or replacements. At A.P.C Water Engineers, we have provided excellent moling services for many years and have become experts in this field. We use a pneumatic piercing tool to install new systems in a much shorter time than other methods. The best part is that this method does not involve digging up roads, highways, or footpaths, making it the preferred choice for many commercial and domestic customers in New Romney.

We have impact moles available in various sizes to meet all specifications, from sewer drains to electric cables. We are always equipped to handle various requirements and provide effective services without the mess. If you are looking for more information or want to talk to us, please get in touch with us today.

What Is Impact Moling?

Moling is a trenchless technique for laying pipes underground. A pneumatic piercing tool creates a borehole between two points by displacing soil instead of removing it. This technique is preferred over traditional digging methods as it causes no surface disruption. 

An illustration demonstrating moling technique

To carry out moling services, a pit is dug at the start and finish points, and the mole moves horizontally between these points underground. Impact moles are available in various sizes to cater to different requirements, and it's crucial to choose the appropriate size for each job. 

At A.P.C Water Engineers, we have completed numerous impact moling projects in New Romney. This trenchless technology is preferred for various domestic and commercial installations, including:

  • Water pipes and new water supplies

  • Electric cables

  • Telephone ducting

  • Gas pipes

  • Drainage and sewer pipes

  • Irrigation systems

Benefits Of Impact Moling

Impact moling offers a non-disruptive solution, making it ideal for laying pipes or cables beneath various surfaces such as roads, driveways, paths, lawns, trees, walls, and rough terrain. Here are the advantages it brings compared to traditional excavation methods:

  • Minimal Disruption: Roads and paths can remain open during installation, avoiding traffic disruptions and ensuring public safety.

  • Surface Preservation: No need for reinstating specialist surfaces, saving time and resources.

  • Neat And Tidy: We leave your site immaculate, as if we were never there, maintaining its original state.

  • Cost And Time Savings: Impact moling services are cost-effective because they eliminate the need for excavation.

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